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5 Ways to Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy refers to any charitable acts that benefit others or society as a whole. These acts of giving are essential, because without them many issues would never get the attention they deserve.

National Philanthropy Day falls on November 15th and is a day to encourage “doing good.” It is also a day to recognize the achievements of philanthropic organizations and those striving to create positive change. YouHelp values the hard work it takes to help others and create a movement. For this reason, YouHelp provides a comprehensive platform to help U.S.-based nonprofits meet their fundraising goals.

And in honor of National Philanthropy Day, YouHelp is providing 5 ways to support charitable organizations today.

1. Donate to a charity

Donating to a charitable nonprofit organization is a wonderful way to show your support for valuable philanthropic work in the community. Your resources can greatly impact the community and allow organizations such as nonprofits to continue to do impactful work. Consider giving to your organization of choice to boost their impact. View YouHelp’s Donate to a Fundraiser page to give today!

2. Volunteer

Donating your time is a beneficial way to contribute while supporting the mission of a charitable organization. Many nonprofit organizations require extra help in order to successfully reach their goals. Donating a few hours of your time can have a great impact on the community. Consider browsing your favorite organization’s website or social media pages to view any volunteer opportunities available. You may also try being a grant writer for a nonprofit if you have skills in this area. By providing this service, you could help them get the funding they need.

3. Spread the word

A fundraising campaign would not be as successful if it were not for outreach to the community. In addition, by sharing a campaign on social media, telling your family and friends or helping spread the word, you are allowing the organization to reach more people and raise more awareness. You can also show your passion by engaging with others and promoting their campaign for a cause.

4. Attend a charity event

Attending a charity event is a great way to have fun and support a good cause! Consider looking into what events are happening near you! If you cannot attend the event, you could always consider still giving a donation in place of your attendance.

5. Share on social media

Overall, social media is a valuable tool to engage with an audience and raise awareness about a need in the community. Sharing organizations which address a particular need in the community can help improve the world we live in. Consider sharing posts from a nonprofit organization you value!