Giving Tuesday

5 Ways to Boost Your Fundraiser This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an international day to celebrate giving and support nonprofit organizations in the great work they are doing. It also celebrates the power to create positive change and promotes the movement of philanthropy. And in celebration of the day, which falls on Nov. 30, YouHelp is sharing five ways your nonprofit organizations can boost their fundraising efforts. You can also visit YouHelp’s Donate to a Fundraiser page to give today!

Utilize Giving Tuesday

People are more likely to donate if those around them are donating to a cause as well. Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to promote your YouHelp campaign and achieve results. Also, consider promoting your fundraiser by sharing your current campaign success and what you need to accomplish your goals. Ask your community to donate to your YouHelp campaign. 

Celebrate milestones 

Celebrating fundraising milestones is a great way to motivate donors. Consider being clear about your fundraising goals and celebrate each increment towards your goal. Additionally, consider being transparent about what each increment will accomplish. For example, maybe 25% of your goal will feed homeless individuals, but 100% will allow you to house them. 

Offer matching gifts 

Matching gifts is a wonderful way to increase your donations for Giving Tuesday. Donors are more likely to donate if they know their donation will make a larger impact. You could also consider sharing that your organization is matching gifts in social media posts, a short video, or on your website. 

Build momentum through social media

Social media is an excellent tool to create momentum on Giving Tuesday. Post frequently about your fundraising goals and express gratitude for existing donations. In addition, consider urging your followers to share your posts and organization with others. 

Thank your donors in memorable ways

Overall, donors like to feel appreciated. It is important that they feel their donation is making a positive impact in the community. If they feel appreciated, they are more likely to donate again. Collect their information and ensure they are staying up to date on the good work your organization is accomplishing. It is also wise to send a personalized thank you card along with a token of your gratitude. For example, this could be as simple as sending a hand-written card alone with a sticker of your organization’s logo.

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