5 Minute Face? 5 Minute Crowdfunding

5 Minute Face? Try 5 minute Crowdfunding.

5 minutes a day is all you need to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Spend 1 minute on each of these activities.

1. Use UHelp's buttons to post your project on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+ account.

Use the buttons under your UHelp campaign on the homepage to promote your project on social media. These are conveniently located at the bottom of your project. Clicking on one of these will direct you to your social media page where you will sign in and see the formulated post waiting to be sent.

2. Write a line about your crowdfunding efforts to your email contacts.

This can be a simple line saying “Please contribute to my project at UHelp,” with a link to your project. The best thing about doing this is you reach people you may not have on your social media. It also reminds those who saw your post to donate.

3. Send your friends and family a text about your crowdfunding campaign.

Don’t forget to use your phone! Make a text to send to your closest contacts like your friends and family. Something like “Hey everyone, I’ve started my crowdfunding campaign at UHelp.Your support would be appreciated,” is quick and to the point.

4. Call a friend and explain why you’re raising money.

After all this, call up a friend and spend 1 minute explaining your efforts at raising funds. Tell them why you’re raising money and why the cause is important to you. It is important that your contributors understand your passion. This will make them more inclined to contribute to your campaign.

5. Write the headline of your press release.

For your last minute of 5-minute crowdfunding, write the headline for a press release to be disseminated to local TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations. This line should include your cause. It should make journalists want to write about why you put up a crowdfunding campaign. For example: “Children’s nonprofit needs equipment for children with disabilities.”

So, if you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign or are thinking of starting one, try 5-minute crowdfunding. It’s quick, easy, and will help promote your campaign to a wider audience. 

About the Author: Sabeen is an MPH and currently writing for UHelp.com.