5 Key Tips to Build Donor Relations

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It’s important for nonprofits to build donor relations. Nonprofits want to encourage donations as much as possible. However, sometimes the relationship with donors can be a little one-sided. They are giving you money, without asking or expecting anything in return.

In order to encourage donors to give willingly and consistently, it helps to build relationships with your donors. Especially with all the connectivity online, it is easier to get in touch and stay in touch with your donors. YouHelp wants to help your nonprofit be as successful as it can. For this reason, YouHelp is listing some of the key tips below that we found to be helpful for strengthening relationships with donors.

1. Create an email newsletter that goes out monthly.

Regular communication enhances relationships. Let your donors know what your organization has been up to. You can send video links that show your organization in action as well. Be sure to highlight the population you serve. You may also want to include stories and information about your nonprofit’s staff and directors. It helps to build relations when your donors can connect with the people they serve and your staff. Let your donors see how their donations are helping. Be sure to include information about how these donations are used.

2. Be their friend on social media.

Encourage them to add you as a friend and follow your organization’s social media accounts. Make sure to engage with their accounts as well. It’s important to make your relationship a two-way street. Be sure to like and comment on their posts. Also, it helps to be active on social media. Make sure to update and post on your accounts regularly. This way your donors can be reminded about your organization and keep in touch.

3. Send thank-you notes.

You may consider taking out some pen and stationery, for a personalized touch. Phone and or text thank yous can also help build donor relations. While many donors give out of their own good nature and generosity, it is still nice to receive acknowledgment and appreciation. It’s nice to get communication that just shows your appreciation. Whether it’s thank you notes or other communication, it’s important to make sure that some of the communications do not ask for donations.

4. Consider giving a small gift or holding a special event.

Be sure to invite your donors to attend any events that you hold for the public as well. You could consider inviting guests to see what your organization does. Depending on your organization, that may involve them visiting your office or traveling around with you. This would allow you to develop more of a personal connection.

5. Ask them what you can do for them.

You can make it a point to feature donors’ businesses or causes on your social media, website, or newsletter. You can go on their social media and be sure to share their important stories with your network as well. 

Relationships with donors are a mixture of giving and receiving. We hope these suggestions increase your positive relations with your donors.