3 Feet From A Successful Campaign

According to the famous author and researcher Napoleon Hill, one of the most common barriers that can prohibit a person from becoming successful is so easily avoidable that it can almost be considered simple. I would like to emphasize the keyword “almost” because that’s exactly what it is according to Hill.

Photo portrait of Napoleon Hill 1883-1970
“When defeat overtakes a man the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. This is exactly what the majority of men do.”
Napoleon Hill 1883-1970

Napoleon theorizes that giving up on a goal prior to achievement is the main reason individuals fall short of success. This concept is based on the notion that when a person continues on their path to completion they greatly increase their chances of attaining their objective.

Hill explains his theory with a story of a gold miner who gave up on his quest for riches. In short story form, the miner found a small amount of gold shallow inside a piece of land. In hopes of finding a mass amount of wealth and gold, he continued his search.

After a few days of relentless digging but failed attempts, the miner decided to give up. With an interested buyer standing by he sold his location to the very first bidder. The buyer was a businessman who had been keeping his eye on the efforts going on in that particular mine. The new owner took over operations and after just a few days ended up striking gold.

The quantity of gold that was found ended up being beyond what anyone had expected or could have ever imagined.

Who Knows?

It can definitely be argued that the original miner had no way of knowing the gold would be just a little deeper inside that mine. It’s not as if he had a crystal ball to show himself the future. Perhaps his “intuition” was telling him to not waste his time, he was chasing an unattainable dream.

Thoughts can become confusing when it comes to making decisions. When our choices involve the dedication of our valuable time, an internal conflict may arise.

Weigh out the pros and cons, make a decision and stick to the plan

Black and white chalk board that reads Goal, Plan, Success. There are tiny stars separating the words and a large arrow in the background.

Never Give Up!

There is also the fact that if the miner hadn’t given up; If he would have just continued to follow his initial instinct; If he would have just continued his efforts a little bit further and farther into that ground, it would have all been his.

It seems far too often that we use the saying, “Should have, would have, could have” and it is far too frequent that we see YouHelp campaigns GIVE UP before following through.

A woman staring at a chalkboard that reads Dream Big & Make It Happen

A campaign creator possesses the will and energy to support a friend, assist an organization, fund an idea, or ask for help. They spend their valuable time visiting our site, starting a campaign, completing the details, but then all too often fizzle out before following through.

Everyone knows that all things great take time, energy, and effort. Crowdfunding campaigns are no different. A successful campaign manager must do what it takes to gain the support of friends, family, followers, and gain new supporters.

3 Quick Tips For A Successful Campaign

Video – Add a face to your campaign and tell your heartfelt story. Creating a video is basically free to do and the best way to explain the purpose of your fundraiser.

Personal Messages – Sharing your campaign with your list of Facebook friends is great but nothing compares to a personal message. Reach out to your friends, family, and supporters most likely to give and start a conversation.

Team – Why go at it alone? Having a partner is a great asset when it comes to brainstorming and executing a plan. Reach out to anyone that you think may be interested in supporting you and ask them to join your team.

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