Follow the Formula for Success to Start a Business or Nonprofit

When someone sees a need and acts, it’s to be commended. Those are the people who change the world. Many people might see the need, but only a few are change makers. It takes a special type of person to start their own business or nonprofit and take the risk.

Crowdfunding takes some of the onus off the inventor, developer or start-up business.

“To succeed in business you need passion, persistence and drive.”  Libby Hikind, CEO and Founder of GrantWatch advises. “Find something you love, something you know well.  Do the research and test the market. Research will tell you if a good idea is a great idea or just an idea.”

Sometimes the passion and purpose are born out of adversity, as was the case for Javier Camacho, of Puerto Rico. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in the fall of 2017, Javier Camacho, a self-taught software developer dedicated a year to provide solar powered electricity using recycled materials by himself.  He provided solar powered electricity to 49 families, and developed a prototype for a generator and a kit that people can put together themselves, wanting to get them to as many people and places as possible, so those hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters will never be devastated by a failure in the infrastructure again. His DIY Solar Generator is a product that’s not difficult to produce.  He is seeking funding to complete the project for public distribution and bring it to market.

“There are tried and tested methods for starting a business that can be followed for a higher chance of success. YouHelp assists campaigns with six-weeks of mentoring, guidance and advice,” says Hikind.

“Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are often happy to help those just starting out, interested in following in their footsteps. Don’t be afraid to ask.”

YouHelp was created fro people just like you

People starting a business can often find grants on Nonprofits can find grants on, and both nonprofits and small businesses can use YouHelp platform for crowdfunding for start-up costs, testing the market and for expanding their businesses and organizations.

Some of the expenses mentors recommend when starting a business include: training, building a website, advertising and promotion to create awareness for the new business.  While looking and applying for grants, entrepreneurs become proactive and start crowdfunding campaigns on YouHelp.

For more information on starting a YouHelp crowdfunding campaign, see How It Works.

How It Works, YouHelp Crowdfunding Campaigns

“All the business services under the GrantWatch umbrella were created to help nonprofits, small businesses and individuals raise the funds they need for projects for the common good; through the daily updated grant database, the crowdfunding platform, providing the latest news on grants for nonprofit and business leaders, or helping people find and hire a grant writer. We offer support and mentors to work with you for the best results,” said Libby Hikind, CEO and founder of GrantWatch and affiliate sites, MWBEzone, YouHelp, Grant Writer Team, GrantNews, and the next project in the works, the Grant Writer Institute.

“We have made the process simple to open a crowdfunding campaign., a free fundraising website, offering the best in crowdfunding capabilities to forward-thinking men and women who are looking for funds for a nonprofit, to start a small business or individual needs. The process is simple: start a fundraiser, enter your fundraising goal, add a compelling message that donors will find worthwhile — and launch. If the idea is deserving, and you do the sharing-out of your campaign to your crowd of family, friends, colleagues, your community, persons of the same interest and nationally, people will pledge their support.

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Why Crowdfunding Changes The Game When it Comes to Funding

Fundraising is a tale as old as time, and community fundraising has always been a part of helping those less fortunate. Whether it’s the collection plate at church, or a community secretly organizing funds for a member fallen on hard times. As we move further into the digital age, fundraising itself has changed, and technology has made it easier for the global community to help their fellow “neighbors.” There is still plenty of work to be done to improve the conditions of those who are most vulnerable, but crowdfunding, a form of community fundraising can help not only individuals who are struggling but help to close funding gaps for non-profit organizations, who then can help more people.

So how does crowdfunding work, and why is it a better way forward? Well, the answer is that it’s a pretty unique system for raising funds, and it fixes a lot of the issues with traditional fundraising. Here are three ways that crowdfunding outpaces traditional fundraising.

  1. Crowdfunding is significantly more time(and cost)-effective than traditional fundraising: With traditional fundraising, there are a lot of steps to raising money, and often minimal reward. Be it targeting prospective donors, or sending out email after email to find the right point of contact, or even cold calling to raise funds. And with offline fundraising, there are often significant marketing costs involved in design and promotion. Crowdfunding can often be a much more bootstrapped project and can leverage already existing networks, as well as family and friends to help with the cause. And with crowdfunding, even people that aren’t currently in the orbit of the non-profit, or start-up, or individual can contribute, at minimal cost to the entity who has put out the campaign.
  2. Crowdfunding is a much more accessible way to raise money than traditional fundraising: Though crowdfunding is made easier if there is an existing network to draw on, money can be raised even if the organization (or individual) is just starting out. For example, if a non-profit wanted to raise money for a project, but they had little name recognition because they had just started out. What could this non-profit do to up their chances of raising funds? They could write up a very compelling description of their project, and impact that those funds would have for the community (or purpose) they were working to serve. The non-profit could then create or utilize existing social media accounts and promote their campaign. This effort, especially with a team working on it, can be relatively low cost, and can actually increase the visibility of the non-profit’s work overall.
  3. Crowdfunding is significantly less restricted in the use of funds than traditional fundraising:  While a lot of conventional fundraising can come with a lot of strings, with promises made to donors or sponsors, crowdfunding has an advantage for people looking to raise funds. If a non-profit is looking to raise general usage funds for their organization, or a person in a tough situation is looking to raise funds to assist in that problem, crowdfunding can be very helpful also, because crowdfunding is a relatively less regulated industry.

So if you’re a non-profit, small business or individual looking to raise money with less hassle, consider setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. While there are many crowdfunding platforms, there is only one that allows for campaigns to keep 100% of the funds raised. is a crowdfunding platform created to help individuals, small businesses and non-profits raise money so that they can continue to do great work in their communities and better the lives of the people around them. Our team at is always available to help with any questions about crowdfunding, or social media promotion of crowdfunding campaigns.

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