Preparing Future Entrepreneurs

The Student Finance League (SFL) of Miami, Florida prepares youth for their future. They posted their crowdfunding campaign on!

You might be wondering; how DO they teach children these fundamental rules of finance? By having them start their own businesses! At SFL, they work to build the future's entrepreneurs. First, the students are provided with basic financial literacy education. Workbooks teach financial terminology, crucial economic skills and provide exercises. Students will gain a basic understanding of: “…banking, money, saving, investing, insurance, loans, mortgaging, financing, taxes, accounting, debt, credit etc.”

Simultaneously, students are introduced to entrepreneurial concepts of business-like opportunities, management, career guidance and professional goal setting. With SFL, the students gain the self-esteem to take power of their own finances, at a very young age. It can help them develop skills, toy with business plans, and learn the skills to one day be entrepreneurs. SFL encourages many of its students to begin executing realistic business plans, helping them establish small business ventures that lead to real-life experience with capital management.

SFL brings in guest speakers to address the children, too. These speakers can be anyone from celebrities, to professional athletes, to CEOs and other professionals. This provides the students with the right motivation and inspiration. Additionally, SFL participates in local events to teach the students professionalism and networking.

Because SFL funds each student’s business launch, they need funding from the community and nation at large for their finance seminars. Diana told me, “The cost of the program includes workbooks, a financial literacy game, speakers, staff and mentoring.” They are hoping to attract the attention of entrepreneurs and financiers to make contributions to their crowdfunding campaign at

The League's unique program teaches:

  • Basic Banking and Finance
  • Short and Long Term Investment Strategies
  • Business Operations and Management
  • College and Career Preparation

Essentially, the Student Finance League (SFL) of Miami works with existing organizations to add finance and business to their current programs for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a month. A student joins SFL when they are a part of an afterschool program or organization that partners with SFL. And, they are growing. According to Diana Thompson, CEO and Founder,

“We just partnered with 18 schools and 2700 new students.”

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So What Are You Doing on Giving Tuesday?

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Nonprofits, Listen UP!!

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Giving Tuesday History

Giving Tuesday is a social media event created by 92 Street Y, a nonprofit cultural and community center in New York City. More specifically, Giving Tuesday is marked as a day of giving, following Thanksgiving Thursday. Per, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season and is fueled by social media. Remember to hashtag your actions on social media with #GivingTuesday.

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