Sonoran Desert Falconry, Inc is a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits, small businesses and individuals to put up a campaign and raise funds. 

Sonoran Desert Falconry is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in Phoenix, Arizona. It was established to bring desert education and birds of prey to disadvantaged children. 

Currently, one of their programs brings their birds and other desert critters, like the desert tortoise, to Title I Schools for hands-on learning. But, they need additional funding to continue to do so, effectively. 

According to the Department of Education, Title I schools are schools with high percentages of children from low-income families. Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act enables financial assistance to reach these schools.

According to Tiffany White of Sonoran Desert Falconry, “The primary goal of the Sonoran Desert Falconry programs is to introduce disadvantaged youth to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) topics through the lens of Sonoran Desert ecology and conservation.” In addition, they are “…Planning a series of Sonoran Desert educational e-Books for teachers in Title 1 schools to enhance existing lesson plans in Biology and Earth Science.” They hope to reach over 2 million people per year but need your help.

Sonoran Desert Falconry chose, a new crowdfunding platform, because they wanted to be a part of the community of nonprofits that are using its resources. allows for projects to be instantaneously shared on social media accounts and email through convenient buttons. UHelp even takes the extra step of posting a campaign to their own social media pages and into related Facebook groups to ensure maximum exposure for the crowdfunding project.  

Among the many efforts of Sonoran Desert Falconry, is the effort to change their website into a fully interactive site for students, teachers, and hobbyists. They would like to utilize the new available technology to virtually bring people into the Sonoran Desert.

If your nonprofit is interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign, just call (888) 240-1494 to learn more.

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Why Nonprofits Are Perfect for UHelp

Are you a nonprofit looking for funding? Have you applied for grants and while waiting for approval want to try another option, as well? Why not start a crowdfunding campaign at

Why is perfect for nonprofits? Creating a crowdfunding campaign on synergizes your efforts at acquiring funds.

Nonprofits already have an established following with other nonprofits, nonprofit associations, philanthropists, benefactors, volunteers, the community and their target audience. These sources make nonprofits rich in assets. It is these resources that will be first in line to contribute to crowdfunding efforts because they know the good work that you do.

For example,The HandyCapable Network is successfully raising money through They have used their own nonprofit email lists and posted the project on Facebook. then posts their project on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ networks.

Nonprofits are a treasure trove of dialogue. Why not apply your great mission and vision statements to the description at Nonprofits can take the text from a grant and apply it to their crowdfunding campaign, too. Tell the people what you do and why they should contribute to your cause.

Here is a sample project descriptions:

  1. The HandyCapable Network

Be a HERO for HandyCapable Network!

HandyCapable Network works with developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals to teach them computer skills in an inclusive environment. Our "HandyTechs" come to use with a variety of disabilities – from Autism to Down's Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy. Focusing on their strengths, each HandyTech is trained in some aspect of refurbishing computers donated to us from the community. Once refurbished, the computers are redistributed back into the community to economically challenged individuals and nonprofits.

All of our HandyTechs are volunteers. We receive no government funding for our program. We rely on the generosity of private donations to support our mission. On average, it costs $50 per day per HandyTech to cover our basic program expenses. In July, we relocated to a larger space to accommodate more HandyTechs and provide more computers to our community.

Now we are looking for a hero (or two, or three, or more) to help fund our mission so we can welcome more HandyTechs into our program.

Can we count on you? Will you be a Hero for HandyCapable?

Please make your online donation today.

So, as a nonprofit creating a campaign, remember to say WHY you're looking for funding and HOW contributions will be used. 

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