HandyCapable Network

The HandyCapable Network is rapidly raising money on UHelp.  When we noticed the speed and number of their donations, we called them and asked why they think they are having the success that other campaigns are not. 

After Libby Hikind, our CEO, spoke with Anne Tubaugh, Executive Director at HandyCapable Network, she summed it up in this way: 

"The answer is  that they are PUTTING IN THE WORK. Some people or organizations put up a crowdfunding campaign and expect the money to just roll in. That’s not how it works!"

What Did HandyCapable Network do?

The HandyCapable Network has been doing a lot of work. Anne informed us that the organization sends out emails to a database of almost 3000 people. The emails include information about why they need support and the impact of not getting contributions. They regularly post their campaign to their Facebook page with about 800 followers. Their board members share the posts on their pages, too.

So, between emails and social media, HandyCapable Network is covering lots of ground. This is probably why they’ve been so successful. If you’d like additional tips on how to promote a potential campaign of your own, check out the following article: Crowdfunding Schedule.

What is HandyCapable Network?

HandyCapable Network is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina that trains and empowers the disabled population with computer repair and technical skills. People with special needs help to refurbish donated computers. These computers are then redistributed back into the community to low-income families and individuals.

Their vision is “We excel in supporting the growth and development of individuals with special needs by providing technology to those in need.” In this way, HandyCapable Network doubly provides for the community. The HandyTechs, as they are known, volunteer their time to learn and practice skills they can apply to finding or procuring work. Many of them are unemployed, underemployed, or work in sheltered programs. At HandyCapable Network, they can reach a higher potential.

What Makes a Crowdfunding Campaign Successful?

It is integral to tell your friends/families/network about your crowdfunding efforts. Don’t just ask for money. Tell them why you are collecting contributions, where their cash will go, and how it will help. And don’t just leave it at a conversation. Send reminder emails with the link to the project so the people you talked to can actually contribute!


By contributing to HandyCapable Network campaign at UHelp, you will help them continue operations. They currently do not receive government funding and the cost of operation is approximately $50 per day per HandyTech. So, any contribution is appreciated. 

About the Author: Sabeen is an MPH and currently writes for GrantWatch.com. This article was written with contributions from Anne Tubaugh, Executive Director of HandyCapable Network.


5 Minute Face? 5 Minute Crowdfunding

5 Minute Face? Try 5 minute Crowdfunding.

5 minutes a day is all you need to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Spend 1 minute on each of these activities.

1. Use UHelp's buttons to post your project on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+ account.

Use the buttons under your UHelp campaign on the homepage to promote your project on social media. These are conveniently located at the bottom of your project. Clicking on one of these will direct you to your social media page where you will sign in and see the formulated post waiting to be sent.

2. Write a line about your crowdfunding efforts to your email contacts.

This can be a simple line saying “Please contribute to my project at UHelp,” with a link to your project. The best thing about doing this is you reach people you may not have on your social media. It also reminds those who saw your post to donate.

3. Send your friends and family a text about your crowdfunding campaign.

Don’t forget to use your phone! Make a text to send to your closest contacts like your friends and family. Something like “Hey everyone, I’ve started my crowdfunding campaign at UHelp.Your support would be appreciated,” is quick and to the point.

4. Call a friend and explain why you’re raising money.

After all this, call up a friend and spend 1 minute explaining your efforts at raising funds. Tell them why you’re raising money and why the cause is important to you. It is important that your contributors understand your passion. This will make them more inclined to contribute to your campaign.

5. Write the headline of your press release.

For your last minute of 5-minute crowdfunding, write the headline for a press release to be disseminated to local TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations. This line should include your cause. It should make journalists want to write about why you put up a crowdfunding campaign. For example: “Children’s nonprofit needs equipment for children with disabilities.”

So, if you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign or are thinking of starting one, try 5-minute crowdfunding. It’s quick, easy, and will help promote your campaign to a wider audience. 

About the Author: Sabeen is an MPH and currently writing for UHelp.com.