Uhelpfund Poised To Help West Virginia

According to CNN.com, the floods in West Virginia have devastated approximately 1,200 homes and claimed 23 lives. UHelp.com is prepared to help local organizations raise money for projects and programs to aid the victims of flooding. UHelp can also help with programs and projects to prevent the damaging effects of flash floods.

People may need support for supplies such as food, running water, and shelter. Our crowdfunding site, UHelp.com offers its platform to West Virginia residents.


UHelp was designed to help organizations or individuals raise money for social causes, especially in times of great need. We will provide each organization or individual with a crowdfunding mentor to guide their campaign toward a successful outcome. UHelp.com services will be available for free to these organizations and will include project consultations, campaign management, social media planning, and much more.


The offering of a mentor, who will guide campaign producers on how to socialize their campaign, makes UHelp.com a most unique crowdfunding site.

UHelp blog posts explain how to maximize your personal contacts, email lists, and social media. UHelp also directs you to reach out the community at large through press releases to local newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and radio stations.


When creating your campaign, choose from 100 categories with which to associate your campaign. Some relevant categories applicable for the flooding in West Virginia are: Disaster Relief and Preparedness; Financial Assistance; Medical, Illness and Healing; Charitable Organizations; Community; Emergency and Rescue Services; Personal Crisis and Accidents; Drinking Water; Housing. Up to 6 categories can be associated with any one campaign.

To Begin a Crowdfunding Campaign:

  1. Sign up on UHelp.com
  2. Click Create a Campaign
  3. Fill out your information and follow the prompts
  4. Connect your stripe account (so that you may receive funds in a safe way)

For further assistance, call our office at (888)240-1494. 

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The Second Circle of Success

The Second Circle of Success: Your Community

Congratulations! You’ve boosted your crowdfunding project past the first circle of success! You are ready to crowdfund your project to the Second Circle of Success: Your Community.

The potential supporters of your community are important to the success of your crowdfunding project

  1. For financial support; and
  2. To provide traction and credibility when your project extends to digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Googleplus,YouTube, and much more!

Now it is time to start crowdfunding your community.  You need to focus on building rapport, establishing trust, and conveying momentum to potential supporters. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can inspire people in your community to donate to your crowdfunding project!

How to Lay the Foundation of Your Second Circle

Imagine the second circle of your success as an airport runway. Your community is where you pick up as much speed as possible in order for your project to stay afloat during the final phases of your crowdfunding campaign. Before you lift off, you want to make sure your project will soar! As your community is comprised of acquaintances and strangers, you should continue to use previous networking strategies from the first circle, while incorporating new promotional techniques to obtain greater outreach for your crowdfunding project.

Begin Your Story

Give them a story! The second circle of success involves telling a great story to people who do not know what you are about. Your project will speak for itself, when you provide images and videos. If you don’t know how to begin telling the story of your crowdfunding project, stick to the basics. Give people the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of your project. Include your passion and convey emotion within your story.

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Utilize Your Email List

Up to this point in your crowdfunding campaign, you have utilized only a small portion of your email contacts, namely your friends and relatives. Now you are ready to maximize your entire list of email contacts. The majority of this list may include professors, classmates, co-workers, and all other professionals and acquaintances in your personal and professional environment.

Do not jump the gun to start blasting emails at these contacts! You must segment this list into manageable portions so that you may customize to each individual. Send 10 – 15 personalized emails to these people in your community every day or week, depending on the time you can allot in your schedule for this task. It is important to send these emails with care because you want to convince them to donate, but you do not want them to feel like a number on your list.

Scale Your Social Media

You remember all of those email addresses you sent to? Upload them to Facebook! Facebook automatically takes these email addresses you upload and finds each of their corresponding Facebook accounts for you! You may take a list of up to 100 emails a day and input them into your Find Friends tab from a .CSV file of the original email addresses. This saves you a lot of time in searching for all of your potential supporters, it builds your social media followers and credibility, and it allows your community to easily share your social media posts and promotions to more people, leading toward the final (third circle) of successful crowdfunding.

Join groups on Facebook, too! There are many individuals and groups online who share your crowdfunding interests. You need to join these groups to enable your posts to reach more followers! Once you have upscaled your Facebook platform, you will be ready to strategize your advancement to the remaining social media platforms.

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Crowdfund Your Project on GrantsWE.fundRead this great book by Anna Maguire, Crowdfund It!, to get more helpful tips about crowdfunding. This book provides inspirational interviews with some of the most successful leaders in the crowdfunding community, such as the Australian entrepreneur, Phil Bosua, who raised over $1 million for his crowdfunding project.

In Conclusion

The second circle of your crowdfunding project sets the pace for the rest of your campaign. Reach out to your community and build your online presence. This stage is not entirely about financial support, though every contribution is a bonus! This circle is about building your Facebook following, optimizing your email list, and beginning to tell your story. Once you have built the traction and credibility you need from this circle of success, you will be ready to crowdfund your project to the world!


Libby Hikind and UHelp Reach Out to Victims of Orlando Shooting

Uhelpfund Reaches Out to Orlando

Libby Hikind, CEO and Founder of GrantWatch and UHelp, is deeply shaken and saddened by the events that took place in Orlando over this past weekend. CBS has confirmed that the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub left at least 49 victims and the shooter dead, and 53 people injured.

According to Libby Hikind, “As a Florida citizen I feel that the most empathetic and patriotic act I can perform is to offer our crowdfunding platform, UHelp, to fellow Floridians and nonprofits to help them raise money for the victims and their families.

I feel their pain and suffering and look forward to Uhelpfund being used as the fundraising catalyst for expressions of love and healing to be sent to our fellow Floridians.

How Uhelpfund Will Help Florida’s Organizations

UHelp was designed to help organizations raise money for social causes, especially in great times of need. UHelp will provide each organization with a crowdfunding mentor to guide their campaign toward a successful outcome. Our services, which will be available for free to these organizations will include project consultations, campaign management, social media planning, and much more.

As American citizens, we have the right to individual liberty and peace, as well as the right to coexist in society without feeling threatened. When any one of our rights are jeopardized, it is our responsibility to unite in solidarity in order to defend our country’s freedom.

Business and Financial Modeling from the Wharton School

UHelp is prepared to assist organizations with their crowdfunding projects and campaigns to support the American lives lost in the Orlando terrorist massacre.

To start, go to UHelp.com to sign up and start to the campaign today.

One of our crowdfunding mentors will call you and review your project ideas – or you may call the office directly at 888-240-1494.

UHelp is prepared to help local organizations raise money for projects and programs to aid the victims of this attack, as well as for programs and projects to prevent such acts of hate and violence from taking place in the future.

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GrantsWE.fund | Crowdfunding for Florida NonprofitsIn trying to make sense of it all we came across a book title that seems to be pertinent. In Gun Violence and Mental Illness, by Liza H. Gold and Robert I. Simon, seeks to understand this epidemic of mass shootings by studying the relationship between mental health and nationwide gun violence. The authors seek to go beyond the emotional rhetoric of banning gun laws by exploring the scientific, research-based arguments about gun violence in correlation with mental illness.

In Conclusion

UHelp will support the Florida communities in its crowdfunding efforts to raise support for the lives lost in this most recent terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. We will assist your organization in project management and campaign strategizing in order to achieve a successful crowdfunding project for your community and your cause. You may reach our team of crowdfunding mentors immediately at 888-240-1494.

About the Author: Staff writer at UHelp.com


The First Circle of Success

First Circle: Friends and Family

The first step to building a strong crowdfunding project begins with your friends and family. These personal connections are important to the initial stage of your crowdfunding project. They build confidence and trust and impress potential donors that your project is supported. Everyone loves a winner and people want to support success.

This first circle of supporters gives your project credibility and traction.  Initial supporters indirectly encourage other, unfamiliar viewers to support a project that already has backing.  No one wants to be the first, possibly the only, supporter of a project dead in the water! When beginning your crowdfunding project, look to the people who are willing to support you the most: your friends and family!

How to Lay the Foundation of Your First Circle

Because your first circle of supporters is comprised of the people that are closest to you, networking and promotion is rather easy compared to crowdfunding from total strangers. This circle is crucial to building the momentum needed to reach the outer circles of potential supporters. Let's look at some effective ways to create momentum in your first circle!

In-Person Conversations

These are some of the few people to whom it is okay to walk up and present your project without being treated like a solicitor. Treat your personal connections–with respect, of course! Ask for contributions within their means and explain your cause. If they see that you are taking your project passionately and seriously, they will be inspired to contribute and tell their friends and colleagues. The story of your project will be repeated with love and will give your project the momentum it needs to move forward.

Phone Contacts

There are friends and family that you may not see in person on a regular basis. Even though you do not see them every day, you may ask for their support without hesitation. Comb your phone contact list and leave a message to each person. Make sure you personalize each message. Be considerate. It is okay to take a few minutes to ask them how their lives are going. Give them a chance to ask how you are, and what you are doing. This is the perfect time to inform them about your crowdfunding project! Let them know how much it means to you. Your confidence and passion will inspire them to support you and tell others to support you, too.


Email Contacts

Your email contact list is a tool to enlarge your crowdfunding project past the first circle of success with great momentum. Send personalized emails to your close friends and family members to connect with them. At this stage of your networking, you are not a marketer or shameless promoter! You are building your project from the inside out. Most personal connections want to help you in some way! Remember that you are not putting them out. If they cannot financially support your cause, encourage them to tell their friends and co-workers. This is an indispensable transition to the second circle of your successful crowdfunding project.

Social Media

While many of your family members may not have social media, some will, in addition to all of your friends whom most likely have social media accounts, too. Connect with every person in your first circle via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. This will help you establish your online presence and credibility immediately. Not only will social media build your initial supporting base, it will provide you with a jumping-off point from which you may connect with many more people who are outside of your personal connections.

Stay tuned for the second circle….

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Crowdfund Your Project on GrantsWE.fund

Learn the basics of crowdfunding with this book, Step by Step Crowdfunding: Everything You Need to Raise Money from the Crowd, by Joseph Hogue. This book discusses the importance of diligent research before beginning any crowdfunding project. Hogue emphasizes finding the "magic number" to create a practical, achievable outcome for your campaign. He explains each step carefully with concrete strategies rather than theories. The most important part of this book teaches you how to amass returning followers to your organization. Hogue will teach you how to perpetuate your crowdfunding project for future campaigns, above and beyond the many fly-by-night projects around the world.

In Conclusion

Do not underestimate the power of your friends and family to help you build your crowdfunding project into a successful campaign around the world. Think of your personal connections as your team members. Allow them to multiply your efforts in networking your project to more people in more communities. Contact our crowdfunding mentor at support@UHelp.com to learn more about crowdfunding your project, or by phone at 888-240-1494. What are you waiting for? Sign up to start a UHelp.com crowdfunding campaign today!

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Tweeting Your Crowdfunding Project

Can you describe your crowdfunding goal in 140 characters or less? Of course, you can mix it up with a picture and a hashtag or two!

Here is how to tweet your crowdfunding article or project:

Write 140 characters or less to describe your campaign.

Then, ad hashtags like:

#Crowdfund #RaiseMoney

With Twitter you will be able to reach an infinite amount of potential donors by contributing to in-the-minute conversations among millions of people from around the world. Twitter gives you this access.

Let’s discover some of the platform’s opportunities and develp a clear strategy of how to use Twitter to successfully crowdfund your project!

Twitter Principles

Be aware that the house-of-cards, stat-centered approach to social media can have detrimental retroactive effects. Following numerous accounts for the sake of gaining followers will dilute your social streams. Avoid dubious practices such as buying followers, which will discourage good content, a targeted audience, and most importantly, decrease ROI (Return On Investment).

Earn your stats the honest way, by posting great content and engaging your followers with topics that they are interested in. Take the high road. Be exclusive. Allow only good content on your home stream by following rich content sources that pertain to your field of interest.

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How to Build Twitter Content

Many platforms are moving away from generic aggregation and moving towards specific, hand-picked content. Aggregated content is organized based on computer algorithms, thus it lacks the human touch that social media posts should retain when exchanging content. Curated content, on the other hand, provides specific content for your targeted audience.

Timing is Everything

Twitter is not a static platform. It is an in-the-minute platform where posts will get buried in no time at all. To guarantee a post gets optimum exposure, aim for peak times when a maximum number of users will be using Twitter. Peak times for many users include: 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 6pm. The earlier part of the day provides a window of free time during lunch breaks.  Engage users during this time! Activity during the latter part of the day increases as people begin to leave work, so don’t forget to post at this time, too.

Twitter Crash Course

GrantsWE.fund | Use Twitter for CrowdfundingTo further grasp the basics of using Twitter for your networking needs, take a look at Twitter in 30 Minutes, by Ian Lamont. In this book, you will learn how to optimize your social media performance using basic Twitter techniques. This text is a great ice-breaker for all newcomers to social media!

In Conclusion

Twitter is one of the best avenues to facilitate a successful crowdfunding project. Remember these great tips for maximizing your Twitter success: target your audience; create and curate quality content; and, post at peak times. Now you are ready to begin using Twitter to promote your next crowdfunding project!

Reach a UHelp Mentor at support@UHelp.com and 888-240-1494.

About the Author: Staff Writer for UHelp.com