Joey and His Class Crowdfund for a New Playground

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Little Joey moves to a new neighborhood and goes to a new school.  On his first day, he is sadly disappointed to find that recess is always held indoors, where desk-bound kids throw paper airplanes out of boredom. Joey realizes that his beautiful new school, due to a lack of funding, does not have a playground!

Without a playground, the kids have nowhere to play! Joey has a brilliant idea! Why not raise money for the school’s playground through crowdfunding on

BUT – he can’t do it alone. He will need the help of his classmates, the PTA, the school faculty, and most importantly, people like YOU!

Joey and his fellow students create a crowdfunding project on

Will they succeed? Watch the video to find out!

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Do You Need Social Media to Crowdfund Successfully?

Crowdfunding sends your project out to the Universe. is the crowdfunding platform for community, business, entrepreneurial, social cause, scientific research, creative project and individual needs. It should ultimately reach countries around the world for financial contributions and support.

Even though you have ajkii great social cause and/or a great idea you may not reach your goal without social media.

You have to market your campaign on as many platforms as possible. Let’s discuss one of the most important social media platforms you must know in order to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. You guessed it, Facebook!


Present you project and present yourself as a valuable source of information in your area of expertise.  Donors will recognize the importance of your project and trust in its success!

Get creative! There’s always a new strategy, trick, or tip that someone else may find useful. Come up with new ideas about your business, nonprofit, or organization, that have helped you succeed in your field of expertise. Other people will become interested and begin to follow your posts.

After all, you must know something that other organizers do not.  Pitch your project and explain why you are running a crowdfunding campaign. Since you are an expert in your field, don’t be afraid to share your secrets. It will bring you followers, donors, and all other types of supporters.

Think of your Donation Page as the center of your map.  You want to build as many roads, or social media platforms, as possible. This is in order to promote your project and direct traffic to the center of your map, or Donation Page.

The road signs along the way are like the social media posts with which you engage your audience. Make it easy for your supporters to find and donate to your project! The more you connect with your audience through different platforms, the more legitimate your crowdfunding project will appear to your potential donors!


Being social is not a one-way street. It is a dialogue. You must interact with other people, no matter what platform, and care about what they care about. If #cutepuppies are trending on Twitter, then, by gosh, incorporate cute puppies into your post! Most people don’t want to read cut-and-dry advertisements. Instead, contribute to your audience and its dialogue by empathizing with their interests.

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In Conclusion

While the internet has made crowdfunding more pervasive, it is nevertheless a competitive field. Social media has made crowdfunding easier in many ways, as you can express your cause and community’s need to people across the world. Once you master a few of these social media tips, you will be well on your way to successful crowdfunding!

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