5 Reasons to Crowdfund Your Next Videogame on UHelp

You can make a videogame, but can you fund it? The best platform to fund your new videogame is at YouHelp, where creating your campaign is made simple. Showcase your cause to the international community with our blog pages, premier newsletter, and social media platforms. You may customize your videogame campaign with different fundraising styles. Create optional incentives and rewards for all your supporters. Most importantly, you may transact financially secure donations, by creating a Stripe account.

1. Easy to Create Campaign

Enter the category of your project, “Gaming,” for example. Then set your fundraising goals! Be sure to include the amount you wish to raise, as well as the length of your campaign.  UHelp includes a step for optional perks offered by you to your donors. Customized rewards give your supporters greater incentive to donate more! Good ideas for videogame perks may include anything from copies of the videogame to donor-assimilated characters within the game. No matter what, rewards should be fun, simple, and cost-effective for you!

2. Promote Your Project on Social Media

The only way to successfully crowdfund is to expose your project to as many people as possible.  By creating a campaign on UHelp.com, you may feature your project, and topics related to your project, on our blog page. By contributing updates about your project, UHelp will promote your blogs on our international social media platforms. YouHelp wants to showcase your cause to the world! Add pictures and videos to your campaign to further connect with your donors, too.

3. Feature Articles in Our Weekly Newsletter

GrantNews.comis the premier newsletter for Nonprofit and Business leaders. With contributions from leading fundraisers, business leaders, and GrantNews staff, we feature articles in the fundraising community to provide valuable tips, solutions, and opportunities for your cause. Here, you could write a feature article about your project and fundraising experiences to further support your videogame mission.

4. Financially Secure

UHelp.com is foremost a secure website, with HTTPS protection.  The domain is protected on a secure server that provides privacy and authentication in all exchanged data on UHelp.com. When managing a videogame crowdfunding project, it is most important to be sure all financial transactions are secure. UHelp allows you to create a Stripe account to protect your donations, and your donors’ information. Stripe maintains all important, financial information on secure servers, protected from all security threats.

5. UHelp is FREE!

It’s free to sign up for an account on UHelp.com! There are no costs to create your campaign. If you do not receive any funds, then you pay no fees whatsoever. For all finances raised by crowdfunding on YouHelp, there will be a small 5% platform fee, and the Stripe payment processing fees.

Today’s Videogame Community

Find out how the videogame industry is transforming the ways its games are developed, published, and funded in this Kindle book, Crowdgaming: The Role of Crowdsourcing in the Video Games Industry by Francesco Ursino. Understanding the dynamics of how videogames are produced helps you determine the most cost-effective way of financing them.  Ursino discusses the importance of communicating with your gamers and supporters in order to create a successful videogame!

Crowdfund Your Videogame on UHelp.com

Raise the money you need to make your videogame a reality in four easy steps. 1. Create your campaign. 2. Showcase your cause. 3. Connect to Donors. 4. Raise Money. Include multimedia on your account to connect with your supporters! Gain exposure to our blog followers and our international social media community. All business transactions and information are 100% secure with Stripe accounts. It’s free to sign up on UHelp. Start raising money for your next videogame and begin your campaign today!

About the Author: Staff Writer for UHelp.com

Synergize Your Efforts to Acquire Funds

Grants are a great way to fund nonprofits, the arts, education, and other great causes.

Synergize Your Efforts

What do we mean by synergizing grants and crowdfunding? This means to potentiate your efforts at acquiring funds through a grant by creating a crowdfunding campaign. A grant application may or may not be accepted by a foundation, corporation, or government, so try to combine your efforts by taking your cause to the people. Or, do so while you wait on hearing back from a funding source.

Step by Step Crowdfunding

To get direct information on how to maximize your crowdfunding efforts, check out this book titled Step by Step Crowdfunding: Everything You Need to Raise Money From the Crowd. This book addresses some of the following points:


  • How to put a crowdfunding idea together
  • How to set fundraising goals
  • How to spread the word
  • How to build community


At youhelp, you can start a crowdfunding project after choosing from the 100 categories available. Up to 6 categories can apply to the same crowdfunding project. You will be asked about yourself or your organization as well as the goal or interest of the project. This would be a good place to use some of the text from a grant proposal. We also highly suggest loading pictures to portray your cause. Remember, since you already have the grant proposal written, use some of the same language for your crowdfunding campaign!

Then what?

Once you create your project, prospective donors can view your campaign and make contributions. Strong language and pictures help donors see where their contributions are going and have reassurance. Your project may appeal to individual philanthropists, small businesses, or organizations looking to make donations. We also suggest socializing your campaign through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

Socializing Your Campaign

If you already have a personal or business Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or any other popular social networking accounts – you are in great shape!  If not, start opening them now. They are all free! Make friends, join circles, follow related groups and causes and gather those likes and shares.

Go to your UHelp campaign page and click each social media button. It will ask you to log in to your social media account and share your project.  Ask your friends or team members to do the same. Keep the viewers engaged and wanting more. Post often and respond to questions. Good luck!