Domestic Violence Nonprofits Find Grants and New Sources of Funding

Living in an environment with domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for some women. They may live in constant fear of their partner. Or they may even live in fear for the protection of their children. They might wonder what would happen to their children if, God-forbid, they are killed or brutally attacked.

Organizations to Help Victimized Women

Fortunately, there are organizations out there willing to help. Guiding Light in Lima, Ohio is an example of one such organization. It provides shelter, education, guidance, and faith to women in crisis. Guiding Light is open to any woman in need. Specifically, it provides a caring place to call home, meals, clothing, access to medical care and education, as well as life-skills classes.

Supplement Your Grants with Crowdfunding at

If you are looking to support a project for battered women and children, consider a crowdfunding campaign. Go to and check out the 100 categories for crowdfunding. It’s like taking donations from all over the place. Start a campaign under Domestic Voilence and socialize your campaign to see an outpouring of support.

Find a Grant Writer to Apply for Grants at

Or, if you are a small business or organization and need a grant written for domestic violence, visit us at There, you can submit an application to Request a Writer. Once that submission is processed, you can be linked with one of our experienced grant writers.

Search for New and Diverse Grants at

Or, if you’re an organization looking for support for women who are victims of domestic violence, check out and search under Domestic Violence. Sign up at today to find the latest grants for your nonprofit, and to get the support your organization needs to accomplish its mission!

About the Author: The author has worked as a grant writer for the Justice League in Columbus, Ohio. She now volunteers for Guiding Light, helping others through their personal struggles.