GrantWatch Gives YouHelp Donors the Golden Ticket has been the most trusted name among grant listing service sites for well over a decade. If you are a nonprofit organization then you most likely already have a subscription to GrantWatch or you are in the process of your renewal. Now, as a free gift, GrantWatch is giving everyone who makes a donation to a YouHelp campaign a Free 1 Day All-Access Pass.

Receive a FREE 1 Day Pass to GrantWatch when you make a YouHelp contribution

GrantWatch provides its subscribers with a searchable database of thousands of available grants. Not only is the search tool ideal for such an extensive list of grants but GrantWatch also updates its site daily with hundreds of additional new grants.

If you have any experience with the grant writing process then you are probably well aware that applying for a grant can be a very time-consuming process. Grant writing requires a certain technique & GrantWatch almost always recommends using a professional. This is one of the main reasons they also created

Not only can the application process take months there is also always the possibility that another organization will be awarded the funds. Unfortunately, organizations can fail at receiving grant money. There are a number of reasons why this is but usually, it’s due to not meeting the requirements or another organization was considered better suited for the purpose. GrantWatch will support you in applying for a grant that you’re actually qualified for and GrantWriterTeam will ensure sure that you are working with a reputable writer.

What about organizations that need guaranteed funds and funding now? A few years back GrantWatch noticed the need for immediate fundraising and took action by creating a crowdfunding website, YouHelp has become a major player in the crowdfunding arena with even bigger plans for the future. Not only does YouHelp provide the same features that its competitors offer but it also provides its users with live campaign support and 30 days of tips and templates to promote their campaign properly.

If a free crowdfunding campaign, free promotional tools, and free live support weren’t enough YouHelp is now offering anyone that visits the site, and makes a contribution, a free all-access pass to its mother site

Stop by YouHelp and browse the “Discover” section of the site. Here you will find a list of live campaigns that are currently asking for donations. The purpose of the campaigns range from creative to critical but they’re all asking for your help.

Here are a few campaigns you may decide are worthy of your donation:

Case Andreas Celebration Of Life Fund

K9 Training Center

Tigers 4 Lions Ballpark

Shelter The St. Vincent’s Kids

Young Adult Financial Literacy Support

For questions about YouHelp:

YouHelp Has Heart Thanks to GrantWatch

It’s no surprise that crowdfunding campaigns continue to be the most popular platform on the internet for raising money. Thanks to crowdfunding websites like YouHelp, a person or organization can now easily create a crowdfunding campaign, instantly start raising funds and receive information and access to tools that support the user in managing the campaign successfully.

 Unlike other crowdfunding campaign websites, YouHelp offers live campaign support, charges 0% platform fees & allows immediate access to the funds as they are collected.

One very important reason YouHelp isn’t like other crowdfunding platforms, is that it was created by GrantWatch, a grant listing service website to fill the void for when grants are not currently available or when an immediate fundraising need must be met.

GrantWatch has been the most trusted source of available grants for over a decade. Libby Hikind, founder and CEO, described her reason for building YouHelp as,

“We came across so many people and organizations that needed to start raising funds immediately. We really needed to be able to offer them an immediate solution, so we developed YouHelp.”

“We can now offer GrantWatch subscribers the means to start raising money right away.”

“Not only does YouHelp provide the campaign creator with the means to collect contributions, it also provides donors with 2 easy payment processor options when making a donation.”

When a campaign is created, the campaign manager has the ability to link both WePay & PayPal processors to their donation page. Having both options really helps with easily accepting donations and is recommended to every campaign manager. Once verified, campaign contributions are delivered to the account as they are collected and can be transferred to the campaigns bank account within one to two business days. This means the campaign funds are delivered immediately.

Once a campaign has collected its first donation of $5 or more, the campaign is set to “go live” for YouHelp optimization and campaign support.

Strategy is key when promoting or marketing a campaign and YouHelp campaign managers are given the tools and a campaign success manager to walk them through the process.

Campaign or sign up support is as-easy-as calling 1(888) 240-4194 M-F 9am-6pm EST. Not only is live support available, it is encouraged. Other valuable tools are in the “Tips and Templates” section of your campaign account which includes a team builder form, video creation support, a press release template as well as campaign email organization.

It’s clear to see why YouHelp continues to climb in the ranks amongst the crowdfunding website giants. This rapid growth is reminiscent of the great battle between David vs Goliath. YouHelp may not be the GoFundMe or Kickstarter industry giants with the expensive sword but it certainly has the heart.

CEO Libby went on to explain, “The GrantWatch group of websites continue to evolve and are forever growing to meet the needs of nonprofits, communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals and YouHelp is the heart of them all. We didn’t just wake up one day and start a crowdfunding website. We created YouHelp so we could help people who are experiencing financial crisis or looking to help, improve or change the world.”