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Because One Day Is Not Enough

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Because One Day Is Not Enough

perroyt Epting, on behalf of

Southerns Youth movements

Ask yourself, what kind of society do you want to leave your kids, grandchildren, and future loved ones? Once you answer that question ask yourself, what are you doing to make that society exist? Imagine YOUR values and beliefs giving thousands of at-risk youth a reason to be hopeful. DONATE TODAY!!

perroyt Epting

Perroyt Epting is a native of Monroe LA He is the thrid of five children and the oldest boy He currently works for Southerns Youth Movements and also the primary care taker for his mom who has lupus Perroyt is a father of five and is currently engaged to his fiance of 2 years He has a passion for help and realize that our at-risk youth need a place where their hopes and dreams encounter opportunity and outlets to be successful in life

Logtown, Louisiana

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