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Be The Change You Want To See!

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Be The Change You Want To See!

Jessica Beauvais, on behalf of

JesLee Publishing LLC

Your donations will go towards the cost of printing, shipping and advertising the products and other merchandise created by our interns. It will also go toward starting a summer camp for elementary, middle and high school students that have an interest in the publishing industry.

Jessica Beauvais

Phoenix Michel is a 32 year old Haitian American writer. She was one of five children, born and raised in Hempstead, NY. And a mother to her 13 years old son. Phoenix started JesLee Publishing co. in Jan 2020, after being inspired to write and publish her own book. Though blindsided by a global pandemic, Phoenix s ambition motivated her to push through the feeling of defeat. Until she finally began an internship program for high school and college students. The program that started with just 5 interns, qui

Hempstead, New York

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