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Balance For Life

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Balance For Life

Pastor Willie Mikell, on behalf of

Youth of Valor Outreach Int

Hello I am Pastor Willie Mikell and asking for assistance through donations to help with a project for seniors called Balancing For Life we will focus on different topics concerning senior citizens talking about nutrition, physical health, relationships and other topics

Pastor Willie Mikell

Pastor Willie Mikell has been in service for twenty years, always hes still looking for ways to be of service and helping a vulnerable members of the community there is no greater need through relationships and low impact training what a cause to take on. He also works with seniors, as a caregiver

Baton Rouge,

Recent Donations

  • $5.00

    Sarah Steger

    7 days ago

    Pastor Willie, thank you for reaching out to help our seniors be more active, happier, and healthier. You are terrific!

  • $25.00

    Christopher Mikell

    8 days ago