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Sensory Life Activity Center

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Autism And Special Needs Activity Center

Danielle Whoric, on behalf of

Sensory Life Activity Center

Sensory Life Activity Center is asking for funding to purchase property and equipment to provide a safe, sensory sensitive indoor play area for children with autism and sensory needs. Please help provide a safe place for these children to play, learn, grow, and socialize.

Danielle Whoric

Danielle Whoric is a full-time special education teacher at a private academic school for students with emotional and behavioral needs andor autism. She is also a special needs mother of an awesome 7 year old son with autism and sensory processing disorder.

Rochester, Pennsylvania

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  • $100.00

    Karen Dixon

    10 months ago

    I also have a child on the spectrum and would love to do what you are doing here on Maui.

  • $10.00


    November 17,2020

    have a son with autism as well

  • $5.00

    F Berg

    July 29,2020

  • $500.00


    June 11,2019

  • $5.00

    Danielle Whoric

    April 11,2019