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Angels Inspired Fundraising Campaign

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Angels Inspired Fundraising Campaign

, on behalf of

Angels Inspired Inc.

Our Angels In Action program focuses on finding a way to ameliorate or even eradicate homelessness and assisting the less fortunate. We strive to provide means of job creation/job preparedness, drug/alcohol abuse recovery, educational pathways, and mental/physical health aid.

Senaia Harris is the Chief Communications Officer CCO and President of Community Outreach for Angels Inspired Inc. Senaia has her bachelors degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She is currently earning her masters degree in Leadership with a focus in nonprofit and government agencies through Marshall University.

Nitro, West Virginia

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Richard Dolin

    5 months ago

    Because I love everyone at Angels Inspired and the great work that's done!

  • $5.00

    Senaia Harris

    5 months ago

    Because its the right thing to do :)