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An Educated Girl Is A Powerful Woman

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An Educated Girl Is A Powerful Woman

Alicia Loundmon, on behalf of

Girlz N Tune Inc.

Girlz N Tune Inc. seeks support in the amount of $10,000 for general support of our Aim to Achieve project. We think this project touts the values of developing and sustaining programs that empower children and offer opportunities to improve their lives.

Alicia Loundmon

My name is Alicia Loundmon I am the FounderExecutive Director of Girlz N Tune Inc. Over the years, the importance of the Girlz N Tune initiative became apparent because of Ms. Loundmons work in the local social services arena. She has had an opportunity to see, first-hand, the causal effects of the disparities experienced by adolescent girls, teens and women in the areas of domestic violence, Planned Parenthood, health, and the lack of education. Alicia recognizes there is a need for the community to provi

Delray, Michigan

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