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ALovecam Broadcast LLC

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ALovecam Broadcast LLC

Shamanika Howard , Founder / President / Director on behalf of

Alovecam Broadcast LLC

Please contribute to my Alovecam Broadcast. Shamanika Alove is the truth and there is definitely healing in truth and laughter.

Shamanika Howard

Shamanika Howard, also known as Shamanika Alove, is the founder and director of Alovecam Broadcast LLC. She has an associate's and bachelor's degree in nursing and has learned through so much critical thinking how to nurture people and a business.

Alovecam Broadcast LLC is a new business looking for donations for start-Up expenses to fund and continue to Broadcast and film Actress Shamanika Alove. The business plan concentrates on the first year of operation, which involves opening the AlovecamMAX cinema to provide a place for broadcasting and to show films to the public with a strategic start-Up founding Square and then operating it through creative programming, marketing, product and services sales, and fundraising.

Kansas city , Missouri

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  • $5.00

    Shamanika Howard

    5 months ago

    I love your Broadcast.