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Alone, Broke, Pregnant & Being Evicted!

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Alone, Broke, Pregnant & Being Evicted!

Ali G, on behalf of

My Friend Niki And Her Kids

No baby shower due to COVID! Not prepared for the baby on the way and she’s in desperate need of help immediately! I don’t have the money to do it myself, unfortunately, so I decided to create this campaign to try and raise money for her to get back to work, get a place to live, and baby items ASAP!

Ali G

My best friend is 7 mos pregnant and cant work, lost her vehicle. Single mom with a 14 yo, no family friends to help. Chose to keep her baby, knowing the Dad wouldnt help. Unemployed for 5 months, being evicted, no income at all. Needs car to deliver on Instacart etc. Please help me help her

Downers Grove, Illinois

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