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A.I Robotics & Cybernetics Inventor

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A.I Robotics & Cybernetics Inventor

Alexander A. Sachie, on behalf of

Alexander A. Sachie

Unique consumer product created for the world after careful and thorough research with innovative flight safety and House of Design Robot Training of Nampa, Idaho.

Alexander A. Sachie

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ROBOTICS & CYBERNETICS INVENTORAIRCIThe worlds next greatest and the finest Invention idea is in my possession but I have no money to bring it to reality.Resilience imperative collective technology, innovation and business plan idea with an offer to the House of Design Robot training in Nampa, Idaho.I have invention idea that I believe would solve the world mystery.Revelation series of inventions for safe future flights and a consumer product.Amazing discovery this marvel of engineer

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