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A.C.T.I.I.O.N For C.H.A.N.G.E

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A.C.T.I.I.O.N For C.H.A.N.G.E

Hakim Muhammad, on behalf of


A.C.T.I.I.O.N is a nonprofit organization that was started by a returning citizen Hakim Muhammad. Active Counseling Towards Issues In Our Neighborhoods. Partnering with Amanda Colemon CEO of A Chance for Chance LLC; a mental health and substance abuse outpatient practicing provider.

Hakim Muhammad

Hakim Muhammad is a returning citizen from being incarcerated for twenty four years. Upon his release over a year ago I have made it a mission to provide other returning citizens with the opportunities in not only finding other released citizens employment but to find them careers as I have partnered with A Chance for Change a Mental Health and Substance Abuse provider. Together we are focused in rehabilitating lives while creating workforce opportunities for the undeserved population.

Suffolk, Virginia

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