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Moenkopi Senior Center

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A New Beginning For Our Center

Linda Honahni, on behalf of

Moenkopi Senior Center

The Moenkopi Senior Center, Inc. is a small non-profit that is restarting its program we serve elders and those with disabilities we need funding for operational costs this would assist us with staff.

Linda Honahni

Linda has over 30 years of experience with Non-Profits, she is a Go Getter when it comes to supporting her Non-profit and the people her Non-profit serves especially the elders. Linda is a very determined lady and will make sure that whatever is working on she will follow through and see that it is completed and that the services are provide to those in need. Linda will always maintain that integrity of her program and its Board of Directors. The one that that Linda prides herself on is her continuity of services.

Coal Mine Mesa, Arizona

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