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A Home For Geneva

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A Home For Geneva

Tathline Coke, on behalf of

Your Unique Beginning Community Services, Inc.

Please, we need your help to find a place for Geneva to call home. She sleeps in the walkway to the apartment complex she used to call home. However, if she does not find adequate living arrangements in three days, she will be forcibly removed.

Tathline Coke

Your Unique Beginning Community Services, Inc. is a Public Nonprofit with a 501c3 status with the IRS. Our organization has a program called Homelessness to Home, for which we provide up to three months rent, above basic furnishing, food, clothing, budget planning, monitoring, and mentorship.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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  • $25.00


    October 08,2020

    It is not appropriate for a woman to be left out on the streets of Florida.