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A Firm Foundation When Starting Over

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A Firm Foundation When Starting Over

Brian Hawkins, on behalf of

Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter

This is a comprehensive program to provide a Firm Foundation on which individuals can rebuild their lives. It includes housing, food and medical support. Cove House has performance measures that must be met to continue in the program. It is expected that our residents will work to build a future.

Brian Hawkins

Brian has been with the Cove House for over six years. In that time he has reformatted the way they provide help to the homeless. Brian established a program to help people seeking to live independently. Building a Firm Foundation for anyone starting over who is willing to work for a better future.

Copperas Cove,

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Fred Chavez

    November 05,2020

    Because what you are doing is the very definition of "service beyond one's self".

  • $20.00

    Michael D'Urbano

    November 02,2020