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35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

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35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

Trevor Harrington, on behalf of

Trevor Harrington

After being while deployed with the U.S Army in 06 and finally discharged Honorably with a med code, Harrington spent the next 12 yrs serving a Tribe as a Gaming Agent (Public Safety). After yrs of Honorable service, he lost his job after developing Avascular Necrosis in his hips. They need to be replaced.

Trevor Harrington

T. Harrington served Honorably in the U.S. Army from 01 to 08 . During his last week of Basic Training, 911 happened. He deployed 2006 & injured. He rode a desk in between surgeries and ETS 08. He spent the next 12 years serving a Tribe as a Gaming Agent. He lost his job in 19 due needing new hips.

Amber, Washington

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