35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

Harrington loved his life as AGR for the Oregon Guard. He was deployed to wildfires 2 summers during his enlistment, volunteered to work protest/riots that occurred in Portland frequently, spent a year working with public safety in 3 counties located on Columbia river helping them apply for Federal ... Read More

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Harrington loved his life as AGR for the Oregon Guard. He was deployed to wildfires 2 summers during his enlistment, volunteered to work protest/riots that occurred in Portland frequently, spent a year working with public safety in 3 counties located on Columbia river helping them apply for Federal Grant's that would be used to help protect their citizens from terrorist threats and/or attacks since each county at a target, a power generation dam and on a chemical depot and he spent his last three years as his units Training NCO.

When Harrington was hurt in 2006, the Doctors said his military career was done then. He fought to stay in. Fought to be able to continue being his unit Training NCO. He won the fight for two years. 

When Harrington was injured, he hurt his neck, dislocated his left shoulder, blew out a disk in his lower back and herniated 3 more and lost feeling on both his hands. During the first year of recovery, he regained feeling fully in his shooting hand (right), however never regained feeling half his left hand. His neck and back were never the same which lead to his ETS because he could not handle carrying all the equipment a soldier has to carry and could not complete the sit up and push up. He was discharged with an Honorable Discharge w/a RE-3 Medical Code.

When Harrington returned to civilian life, he was able to become a Gaming Agent for Washington State Tribe. 

During his time working for the Tribe, he helped the capture of many wanted fugitives on the reservation. He also conducted many investigations for thefts that occurred, responded to numerous calls for assistance by the Security at the Casino, and assisted guests with gambling problems so they could receive help with their addiction. 

During 2016, Harrington started losing feeling in his feet. Next, his back was stiff and hurt when he sat too long, walked too much, laid down too long, etc. After realizing the pain was not subsiding like he hoped it would, he sought medical attention.

The VA Hospital where Harrington lives referred him to back and pain doctor. They found 2 of the discs that hurt while in the service have gotten worse and the 3rd was still herniated. Due to Harrington's young age, the Doctor decided to administer steroid injections into his back.

During the rest of 2016-2017, Harrington worked and only missed minimal time off due to his back. He received those injections every 3 months and they worked.

In Dec. 2018, Harrington had another injection. After a few days, his right really started to hurt. Harrington went to the Doctor complaining it was getting worse. They said it was probably from the nerves in his back. 

In Feb 2019, Harrington went into his family doctor. He told her what had been going on with his hip. She immediately scheduled him for an MRI.

The MRI found Harrington had developed a disease in his right hip called Avascular Necrosis (dying of the bone). Harrington already had a collapse of bone in his hip however, the Doctors and Specialists thought it could be saved but he had to go on bed rest or chair rest.

From Feb 2019-June 2019, Harrington was out of work following the Doc's instructions. He took zero for 3 of the months due to running out of vacation hours.

Harrington had a follow-up in June. Bad news, his hip had continued to die. He needs a replacement at 35 years old. Harrington, already running out of his savings and FMLA hours decided to go back to work.

The night before returning to work, Harrington fell and broke his leg needing surgery as well. He was going to be out of work for another 3-6 months. 

Harrington lost his job due to no more FMLA hours. Since he was injured, he was not able to get unemployment insurance. Harrington lost his dream truck. He waited till he thought he was financially set to buy his dream truck, 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Z71. Harrington was devastated.

Harrington has also gone into medical debt ruining his perfect credit along with the repo of his truck. He is only 20% disabled vet so they won't cover the hip. Doctors are saying his hip was killed during the steroid treatments. However, the Doctor who did them is fighting that charge.

So why Harrington waits for the VA to decide if the hip will be recognized as a secondary injury to his service injuries, he's left not being able to work, no income accept for 20% disability pay. He's been homeless for a short time and has not eaten for sometimes days at a time. Harrington did qualify for the VAs HUD-Vash housing program however, COVID-19 hit and stopped that and slowed down the decision on his hip.

Harrington is asking for some financial help for housing, food, etc. Harrington doesn't have a vehicle either so depending on how many donations, he may or may not get a car. He's in a rural area which makes walking to a store difficult or to his appointments. His parents have passed away and his only sibling stopped talking to him years ago when he had an issue with how her fiancee treated her.

If he can get enough in donations, he wants to try to pay for the operation himself so he can start working and become a contributing member of society once again.

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35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

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35 Yrs Old Disabled Vet Needs New Hips

Trevor Harrington, on behalf of

Trevor Harrington

After being while deployed with the U.S Army in 06 and finally discharged Honorably with a med code, Harrington spent the next 12 yrs serving a Tribe as a Gaming Agent (Public Safety). After yrs of Honorable service, he lost his job after developing Avascular Necrosis in his hips. They need replaced

Trevor Harrington

T. Harrington served Honorably in the U.S. Army from 01 to 08 . During his last week of Basic Training, 911 happened. He deployed 2006 & injured. He rode a desk in between surgeries and ETS 08. He spent the next 12 years serving a Tribe as a Gaming Agent. He lost his job in 19 due needing new hips.

Amber, Washington

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