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I am looking to restore my 1992 Toyota 4x4 pick-up truck. It was a gift from my mother a few months before she passed away from cancer. The truck was purchased a few minutes before she passed away, July 25, 1998. I have owned it for 20 years and consider it a family heirloom that is now... Read More

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I am looking to restore my 1992 Toyota 4x4 pick-up truck.

It was a gift from my mother a few months before she passed away from cancer. The truck was purchased a few minutes before she passed away, July 25, 1998. I have owned it for 20 years and consider it a family heirloom that is now officially an antique. It will be the 20th anniversary since I last held her and spoke to her. I keep the truck as part of my memory of her. It was my dream vehicle and still is today.

I bought it from the original owner. He worked at a Toyota dealership, and the truck was as if it had rolled right off the showroom floor. It was immaculate!

The truck now has more than 350,000 miles on it, a far cry from the 80,000 it had when I purchased it. I admit, I used the truck for work, and we worked hard. We drove all over Florida for years building tennis courts. The truck saved my life when we were rear-ended by a guy on drugs while we were stopped at a traffic light. He hit us at 45 mph without brakes. I was not injured except sore to the core and the truck needed a new bed and tow bar. The tow bar took the brunt of the impact and helped reduce the seriousness of the crash.

The truck pulled a U-Haul trailer up to Georgia as one of its last physical feats of strength, being it has only a 22RE four-cylinder engine. The last great act I credit it with was safely getting me to my job 25 miles from home, on an ice covered interstate highway that was closed due to an storm that hit the Atlanta, Georgia, area a few years ago. I worked at a hospital and it was necessary to be at work no matter the conditions and the truck came through with flying colors! Again.

The truck had failed emissions testing and I took it to a reputable mechanic who did fleet service work. Well, $2,0000 later, it still did not pass emissions, and I barely got it passed with engine additive. Then while idling in a field while I walked a dog, it blew the top of the radiator off and warped the head or manifold. It has no compression anymore. This happened after I quit my job at the hospital to be a stay-at-home caregiver to my best friend, Shirley.

Shirley helped me when my mother was dying and was there when she passed away. At the moment my mom died, 20 or so neon butterflies descended from the ceiling and landed on my mother, after a few seconds they flew up and away where they came from. A few months later at a beach shop, a Brazilian lady told us of the myth in Brazil of how butterflies sent from heaven land on the body of really good people and carry their soul back to heaven safely. I have never worried about my mother's passing after that story, knowing she is safely in heaven.

And now I am caring for Shirley, 83, when she needs me the most in her last stage of life. Her home has a lot of work that requires a truck like mine to accomplish it all. Lots of tree debris and some junk that has accumulated that needs to go to the recycling yard. I have not worked with pay in a long time, but have plenty of work to do.

Besides Shirley's home, the field where my truck basically died is a three-acre lot. The homeowner was an 85-year-old lady, named Betty. I was looking after her dogs, and her as well until she died a couple of years ago.

She had asked me to care for her dogs and property while she was alive, and I have been doing it since she passed. I still have one of her dogs with us at home. the other went to her daughter's home. The property has a lot of fallen trees that need to be removed, and a bunch of trash, too. I need my truck to haul it all away!

And finally, the park in our neighborhood is directly across the street from our home. it is in need of a good bit of work to clean it up and remove some outdated playground equipment. all work for me and my truck!

I have a good year or two worth of work, and no truck or tools to do it. I would love to restore my truck to the new condition and have it for another 25 years or more. Then I will be ready for my final stage of life, having a ton of memories of all the work my truck and I have done for the good of others!

My end goal after all the property is cleaned up is to start a dog rescue business. Shirley and I have rescued about 25 dogs and puppies, and that would be my long-term goal. Betty's property is a really great place to start that work, and a dog park is one idea I have to work with.

I am thinking it would cost about $15,000 to fully restore the truck including a new engine and paint and body work along with rebuilding the steering and 4x4 drive. I really want to keep it another 25 years at least!

I would love to buy a trailer to haul debris with, and a few tools including a chain saws and wheel barrels and assorted equipment.

A total of $25,000 would accomplish all my needs to get my work done.

Any funds not needed for the restoration project or equipment needed, would be kept for future maintenance to keep the truck running in great shape.

The truck is the only real possession I have left from my mother and father who passed away two years before her from cancer. He passed away right after retiring from his career with GTE phone company. He was also a retired Air Force veteran. He introduced me to Toyota. It was the first car I drove and passed my driver's license test with. It was a 1974 Toyota Corolla, he bought at the beginning of the energy crisis in the '70s!


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1992 Toyota 4x4 Restoration MISS YOU MOM

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1992 Toyota 4x4 Restoration MISS YOU MOM

Stephen Christoph, Campaign Organizer on behalf of

shirley, Betty and the neighborhood will benefit!

I am asking for $20,000; $15,00 for the truck restoration project and $5,000 for a trailer/tools and equipment. I am willing to put YOUR NAME on the truck for a limited time for two or three large donors! I need these funds asap. The restoration will take time! Thank you!!!!

Stephen Christoph

Steve loves his truck. He has owned it for over 20 years.He works hard and needs a truck that can handle the load! If he gets the truck restored, I am sure it will be with him for another 25 years! Having his truck restored will honor the memory of his mo

Conyers, Georgia

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