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1916 Antique Church Restoration

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1916 Antique Church Restoration

Melissa Black, on behalf of

501 (c) (3)

To provide stable humanitarian relief to historic education, hopeless, and hungry people. My project is worthy of a $200,000 monetary donation. It is a 103 years old antique church treasure with a school that was also built alongside of it and made from 100% pine wood.

Melissa Black

Hi my name is Melissa Black. I am 2016 graduate of Independence University I am inside of Independence University Wall of Fame. Which makes me a 4 year veteran holder of my Associates of Applied Sciences with a emphasis in retail sales management professional degree. Independence University is my first and only university I ever graduated from. I am the Secretary of a antique church by the name of Walker Grove Baptist Church. This church also has a school along the side of it that is also made of 100 pin

Newington, Georgia

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