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T. Gerard Williams

T. Gerard Williams

This is an excellent resource for anyone considering starting a crowdfunding campaign. The Learn Nonprofit Marketing tips and training section is great for keeping you focused and committed to developing your campaign. Support is available whenever you need it. I am glad to be a part of it!.
Cheryl Dehlin

Cheryl Dehlin

Jeffrey Michael Dehlin Memorial Foundation began our campaign on YouHelp. The help that we received from ALL of the staff, including the administration, was phenomenal! YouHelp really wants us to succeed! This site is an invaluable tool for fundraising for (large and) small nonprofits.
Samuel Cabassa

Samuel Cabassa

My name is Samuel Cabassa, and I wish to share my wonderful experience with YouHelp. The staff is absolutely amazing, inspiring, caring, kind, and supportive, the real deal and super dedicated. I learned new stuff about crowdfunding and fundraising.


I am so grateful to YouHelp for the ongoing support and dedication given to promote our nonprofit organization. They have helped us build a phenomenal campaign webpage for our nonprofit. The YouHelp staff has been that extra support that I needed, that voice of reason, saying, “You are doing great, do not be so hard on yourself.”

Follow the Steps Below To Start Raising Money

  • YouHelp only works with USA nonprofit organizations
  • YouHelp edits, optimizes text and resizes campaign images
  • YouHelp provides an onboarding checklist for fundraisers
  • YouHelp verifies nonprofits and provides a Trust and Safety Badge
  • YouHelp never touches the nonprofit's money
  • YouHelp spotlights fundraisers across all YouHelp social media channels
  • YouHelp's donation processing rate is only 2.2% +30 cents per transaction
  • YouHelp uses processors that provide immediate access to your funds
  • YouHelp offers recurring donations
  • YouHelp gets you in front of thousands of donors

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